Our Mission

Upholding Our Commitment: The Mission of The Villas At Dominican Village

Mission Statement

Dominican Village is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, Independent, and Assisted Living Retirement Community founded by the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville, New York.  Dominican Village’s mission is to provide a supportive environment in which the sacredness of life and the dignity of each person are held in the highest regard. We offer our residents a choice of programs and services which foster independence, promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and maximize opportunities for socialization while emphasizing a “Person-Centered Care” philosophy within an “Aging in place” environment.

Dominican Village campus Gazebo - The mission at The Villas explained.

Dominican Village: A Brief History

"The Beginning"

1845 through 1855: More than a million Germans fled to the United States to escape economic hardship, political unrest, and the revolution in 1848

1853: Four cloistered Sisters (Josepha, Augustine, Francesca, and Jacobina) left the Monastery of Holy Cross, Regensburg, Germany, and sailed to New York. Putting the needs of others before the practices of their traditional cloistered life, their arrival in America answered German Catholic immigrants’ urgent call for teachers. It was Father Stephen Raffeiner who provided shelter for the Sisters in the basement of Most Holy Trinity Parish located on Montrose Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1854: Mr. Adam Schiegel owned a construction business in Brooklyn and built the first convent for the Sisters in Williamsburg. From then, the friendship between Mr. Schiegel and the Sisters grew Through their good works in education, caring for orphans, and providing health care and social services to the community, the Sisters of St. Dominic inspired many women to join the Dominican Order. This rapid increase in the Congregation prompted a need for more space where Sisters could gather and live

1874: Answering the need for additional space, Mr. Schiegel donated his eighty-three-acre farmland and farmhouse located in Amityville, Long Island. The land was expressly for the care of orphans and the elderly. The farmhouse was where the Sisters and orphans resided. It was Mother Seraphina Staimer who purchased nineteen acres of adjacent land. This was the place to build the Motherhouse (now known as Rosary Hall)

1876: The first three wings of the Motherhouse were built and now housed the Sisters, Novitiates, and orphans. The last wing, Queen of the Rosary Chapel, was completed in 1978. Also, in 1876, the Queen of the Rosary Academy for girls was opened. Originally, students were orphans under the Sisters’ care. Years later, local children were admitted

1986: Due to declining enrollment, and after operating for 110 years, the Academy was closed

1991: After several years of prayerful consideration, Sister Helen Butler, O.P. realized the need for affordable senior housing. With support from the Amityville Congregation, Sister Helen Butler O.P. planned the building of Dominican Village, and secured funding and construction. This was “THE BEGINNING” of Dominican Village

1992: Dominican Village welcomed its first resident and Sister Helen Butler, O.P. was elected as the first President and CEO

1994: Construction on the additional three buildings began

A Tribute To The Sisters of St. Dominic Amityville

During the construction of Dominican Village, each building was given a name reflective of the Sisters’ journey from New York to Amityville, Long Island.

Founders’ Hall: Our Enhanced Assisted Living Residence is named after the four founding Sisters who came to America from Germany
Montrose: Montrose Avenue in Williamsburg where the Sisters first found shelter
Queensbrook: Boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn where the Sisters began ministering
Rockville: Commemorates the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The Motherhouse and Dominican Village are located within the Diocese of Rockville Centre
Province: Ministry of the Sisters in Province, Puerto Rico since 1910
Helen Butler, O.P. Hall: Named after Sister Helen Butler, visionary and first President, and CEO of Dominican Village

Today, Dominican Village has 200 apartments for Independent Living Residents, and 66 studio apartments in our Enhanced Assisted Living Residence.